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Our buildings are just like us. They perform better when their energy systems are healthy and balanced. Peakflow Energy Solutions will help you optimize the flow of energy within your commercial and residential buildings.

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Improving your energy systems will increase occupant comfort and reduce operating costs.

At Peakflow Energy Solutions, we provide independent HVAC system verification with an emphasis on the 'building as a system' concept. As certified ASTTBC technology professionals, we collect precise, repeatable data and clearly communicate this information to our clients. Whether you are a homeowner, building operator, mechanical contractor or professional engineer, we look forward enhancing your next building project.

Services Offered

HVAC Testing and Balancing

The process of testing and balancing is an independent verification of the intent and function of your mechanical system. Beginning with the mechanical design and drawings, we analyze all system components for correct installation and operation, then accurately measure and adjust end devices to ensure that all mechanical equipment is operating at maximum efficiency. This serves to improve system control, reduce operating costs, and maximize occupant comfort. If your residential or commercial building employs common mechanical ventilation or hydronic systems, it is essential to have your building systems balanced. We provide testing and balancing services for air and hydronic systems, system surveys, fume hood testing and certification, fire damper testing and duct leakage pressure testing.

Blower Door Testing

Using specialized fans, we create negative pressure and draw air through the building envelope to determine the air-tightness of the building and its components. Additional equipment, such as smoke pencils and thermal imaging cameras, reveal potential problems within the building before it is too late or too costly to repair. This diagnostic test serves to identify areas of concern, and allows us to make informed recommendations for remedial action. This results in a building that is healthy, comfortable and energy efficient, with reduced monthly costs.

Energy Advising

The province of British Columbia has set a goal that all new residential buildings shall reach a net-zero energy ready level of efficiency by 2032. The BC Energy Step Code is an incremented compliance path that satisfies the BC Building Code and local by-law requirements to achieve these efficient building and climate targets. An Energy Advisor will review the plans, model energy consumption, conduct mid and post construction airtightness testing and verify the building will meet the energy performance requirements. We will also balance and commission your buildings mechanical system.

Markets Served

Builders / Homeowners

Single-Family Residences

We will work with you to provide energy advising services to achieve a balanced and healthy home, whatever your desired Step Code level. We will provide mid-construction blower door tests and as an added service, we will commission and balance the building's mechanical systems.

Builders / Developers

Multi-Family Residences

We provide energy advising, commissioning and balancing services for multi-family residences.  Being familiar with your project from the beginning saves time and money by combining site visits and centralizing services.

Commercial / Instituitional

Mechanical Contractors

We will work with you to provide balancing services for your next commercial or institutional project. Whether it's simple or complex, we strive to provide timely service to get your building occupied.

Peakflow Energy Solutions

Take control over your energy systems

Through a combination of advising, testing and balancing, Peakflow Energy Solutions will help you to optimize the flow of energy within your residential and commercial buildings.

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